The Camera Was Nilli’s Lover

The Camera Was Nilli’s Lover

February 10, 2018 BBW 0

The Camera Was Nilli’s Lover

The Camera Was Nilli's Lover

Nilli Willis often considered the camera her lover in her solo photos and videos. Masturbating for her lover was an act of pleasure for her. She was well aware of the effect she had on men and exulted in that feeling. Reaching an orgasm in her videos was important to her libidinous nature.

There was a point when Nilli wanted to become a feature dancer but this kind of headliner was far and few between in British strip clubs, unlike the clubs in the States.

As pointed out several times, what’s different about Nilli is that the viewer’s attention is often directed away from her big tits to her wide-eyed stare. Nilli didn’t just look at the camera, her gaze could make the viewer feel as if she were eye-banging him.

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