Bra Show Time

Bra Show Time

July 22, 2017 BBW 0

Bra Show Time

Bra Show Time

Buying the right bras is a challenge for Princess Pumpkins. She said she can never find the totally perfect bra. Her suitcase is loaded with bras and she tries some of them on in this pictorial.

Princess talked about sex. She used to be shy. She’s shy no longer.

“As a webcam model, I pretty much spend all day playing with myself. A lot of the things guys ask for is obviously boobie stuff, but once in a while I’ll get a lot of guys who want penetration, and the toys are in my pussy for a long time. I’ve had toys in my pussy for hours.

“My sexual fantasy is I would be blindfolded and tied-up doggie-style. Behind me, three girls dressed as comic book characters with giant strap-ons would take turns fucking me, with some DP, and I would never know what cock is going in me next.

“I’ve had many experiences with girls. The naughtiest one was when I was eating a girl out while her girlfriend was behind me just pounding my pussy non-stop with a dildo. It was amazing.

Yes, Princess has lost her shyness.

“What satisfies me is very fast and deep penetration with the thickest of dildos and cocks. I’ve had sex in public many times. The fear of getting caught is terrifying but that makes it all that much hotter, right?”

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